What's Your Favourite "F" Word

What's Your Favourite "F" Word

Let’s talk FIT.
Historically, nursing scrubs, or just scrubs in general have been assumed to be thick, boxy and uncomfortable. The good news is modern scrubs are a whole new ball game with not only modern fit flattering tops, but even the pants have style with variations of waist style and leg shape. At The Scrub Store you will find feminine cut tops as well as pants with draw cord and elastic waistbands, shaped and even jogger style legs.

Let’s Talk FUNCTION.
Function can have many meanings. Do you simply need a multitude of pockets or do your needs extend to fabric and design capabilities? Work with pets? Be sure to checkout our Barco One range that has anti-static properties allowing the hair to just brush away. Barco One is also perfect for those in a hot climate with perforated panels to help keep you cool.

Let’s Talk FASHION.
Fashionable scrubs are not as new as you might think. Since Covid, there are plenty of brands claiming to be paving the way launching fashion scrubs for the first time to the market. Let us help clear these muddy waters, our scrubs come from what we call legacy brands. These are brands have been developing and providing fashionable scrubs for close to a combined 200 years. Just as civilian fashion changes, so has the nursing scrub fashion. We pride ourselves on offering you a collection of fashion forward designs that will not be out of place in your wardrobe.

When choosing your outfit for the day, no matter what you are doing, at least one of three things will come to mind. Does it FIT? Does it provide the FUNCTION I need? Is it FASHIONABLE? These questions are even more important when you are choosing a uniform that you will be wearing for a long shift.

Whether you aim for Fit, Function or Fashion, The Scrub Store has an option for you.

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