Dressing for Success in Healthcare: Professionalism in Scrub Attire


Dressing for Success in Healthcare: Professionalism in Scrub Attire

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the importance of professionalism extends beyond medical expertise to include one's appearance. For healthcare professionals, the choice of attire, particularly medical scrubs, plays a crucial role in conveying competence, confidence, and a commitment to patient care.

Cotton Scrubs vs. Polyester Scrubs

The debate of polyester vs. cotton has been around since the inception of polyester in the 1930s.  A common misconception about modern-day polyester is that it is still the same thick heavy hot fabric of the 60s and 70s. While cotton usage and treatment processes haven’t changed much since then, polyester has moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Uniforms in Small Business

As a small business owner, it is crucial to understand the importance of uniforms in creating a professional and cohesive image for your brand. Uniforms not only provide a consistent and polished look for your employees, but they also serve as a powerful marketing tool.

How Barco® Makes The Best Fitting Scrubs

Fabric, fit, and function are the qualities that separate “laundry day” scrubs from the set at the top of your workwear rotation. A uniform that fits well not only looks better, but it feels better as you move through your day. Unlike other scrub brands that outsource their patterns, here...

Why printed scrubs are important in nursing

Medical professionals are known for wearing scrubs in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. Scrubs are essential to the job as they are designed to be comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. However, what many people do not realise is that printed scrub tops are also crucial for patients.

What's Your Favourite "F" Word

When choosing your outfit for the day, no matter what you are doing, at least one of three things will come to mind. Does it FIT? Does it provide the FUNCTION I need? Is it FASHIONABLE? These questions are even more important when you are choosing a uniform that you will be wearing for a long shift. Whether you aim for Fit, Function or Fashion, The Scrub Store has an option for you.

Choosing the right nursing scrubs

It is a well known fact that when choosing the right nursing scrubs, one must consider a multitude of factors. With so many on offer these days it can be hard to filter though to the ones to suit your needs. That is where we come in. At The Scrub...

What is Express Dispatch with The Scrub Store?

...The aim of this collection is to provide high quality, affordable, comfortable scrubs, compression socks and nursing shoes to our front line workers fast...a carefully thought-out range comprising of our top selling brands in specific colours and styles...

5 things you must consider before buying Dental Uniforms Online

The Scrub Store shares the #1 US brands Grey’s Anatomy and Barco One with Australia and New Zealand. With local shipping, free shipping on orders over $100 and AUD. Our partnership with Barco Uniforms ensures you get the very best product at the leanest price possible. 💗 what you wear!!!

Experience Comfort Like Never Before

Barco One has been designed specifically for the fashion conscious professional. The meticulous detailing and design features offer functionality and flexibility with a true fashion alignment to enhance any brand and inspire teams with a uniform they will want to wear. The collection of performance wear is stretchy, chafe-free, odour-controlled,...

How would you feel if it was OK to wear your track pants to work.....

What we know about being a care worker is you work hard.  Usually in hot conditions and often made more demanding on your clothes (and skin) by the presence of water, steam and humidity. What if your uniform felt like your favourite "track pants" but looked like your work pants? ...

Why Are Cheap Nursing Scrubs Always Going to be Too Expensive?

With the explosion of the scrub industry, you can now find nursing scrubs cheaper than ever before. While a cheap scrub may sound good in theory, we want to educate you on why we believe cheap scrubs are simply too expensive.You've heard of the saying "the poor man pays twice,"...