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As a nurse, athlete or regular flyer, you already know about the benefits of wearing compression socks or compression stockings (ie to promote circulation, reduce fatigue and minimise swelling). But who wants to wear black or beige synthetic compression socks? Of course you don't ... and now you don't have to. We have added SOCKWELL compression socks to our product line up ... replacing ugly synthetics with beautiful natural fibres.  Beautiful compression socks for medical professionals, sports recovery, flying and everyday wear.

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The Best Compression Socks For Nurses

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, nurse or even an athlete you’ve probably tried every pair of compression socks on the market. If, like us, you’re looking for an option that doesn’t look like the bland, synthetic or medicinal socks that flood the market then a Sockwell sock is the stylish solution you’ve been searching for!

The Scrub Store offers you both style and substance with our range of beautiful compression socks for nurses. Suitable for anyone looking to reduce fatigue, minimise dreaded swollen ankles and promote healthy circulation. Sockwell socks offer functional compression in a natural blend of fibres, available in a range of sophisticated colours and patterns.

Looking For Where To Buy Compression Socks Online? Look No Further!

The Scrub Store is the only importer and distributor of Sockwell Compression Socks in Australia, so we can provide exclusive access to their best-selling lines. What makes their brand so trusted? Truly unique and quality products that actually work, Sockwell is known for comfort and durability. These socks are unlike any other pair on the market because of their unique design.

American wool, from animal-friendly, ethical farms, is blended to create the perfect material. Merino wool and bamboo fibres give Sockwell products their natural thermoregulation, enhanced moisture control and they are odour repellent. The graduated compression of a Sockwell product features Spandex, throughout the sock, and a turn welt top for excellent fit, comfort and long-lasting impact.

For the style-conscious, these socks are a must. Say goodbye to boring beige or drab black. Our Sockwell range comes in a variety of styles and colours. Whether it's micro, quarter or full length, you can choose the right sock for you.

What’s the difference between moderate compression and firm compression?

Don’t worry; it’s less complicated than it might seem. In basic terms, compression is normally measured in mmHG, which is a unit of measurement and stands for ‘millimetres of mercury’. For sock purposes, moderate compression is normally between 15 and 20 mmHG and firm comes in at 20-30 mmHG. Those doctors and nurses amongst us will know that this number refers to blood pressure; it’s the height that pressure in our blood vessels can push a column of mercury to.

Generally speaking, moderate compression is ideal for long-distance travelling, the treatment of varicose veins and the relief of swollen, tired or aching legs. Firm compression is more commonly used for post-surgical and medicinal purposes. If you’ve been prescribed compression socks, then your GP will advise you as to the right compression level and, if in doubt, we always recommend seeking professional advice.

Is there a minimum order for compression socks? What about delivery and returns?

We know you’ll be keen to get your hands on these stylish and superior socks, so we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Our products are available in low starting quantities. When you buy compression socks online you can benefit from fast, local delivery, returns and our 90-day guarantee. With the world’s best brands and secure payment add some Sockwell compression socks to your Scrub Store basket today!

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