Why Are Cheap Nursing Scrubs Always Going to be Too Expensive?

With the explosion of the scrub industry, you can now find nursing scrubs cheaper than ever before. While a cheap scrub may sound good in theory, we want to educate you on why we believe cheap scrubs are simply too expensive.

You've heard of the saying "the poor man pays twice," right? The origins of this saying may refer to shoes, but it is a saying that in modern times applies to almost everything in our throw away society including nursing scrubs. Put simply, buying something that is cheaper upfront but you have to replace more often will always end up costing more in the long run.

Let's look at an example.

Take a $50 scrub set, when it is fresh out of the packaging, the set looks great. The first time you wear it, you feel comfortable, stylish and are on top of the world because you only spent $50. Fast forward 6 months, and after 60+ washes, this set is now looking tired so you buy another set. You have now spent $100 in a little over 6 months and still only have 1 set you can wear. This cycle will continue and by the end of a 12 month period you have spent $150 to have a single set of scrubs.

Let's compare this to a set you pay $110 for upfront but due to the premium quality, if looked after correctly, lasts a minimum of 2 years.

The math is simple, while cheaper up front, these nursing scrubs will always be more expensive. In fact, this scenario is one of the key reasons The Scrub Store was launched. You will only find product of great value here.

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