How would you feel if it was OK to wear your track pants to work.....

What we know about being a care worker is you work hard.  Usually in hot conditions and often made more demanding on your clothes (and skin) by the presence of water, steam and humidity.

What if your uniform felt like your favourite "track pants" but looked like your work pants?  What if they also dry in seconds, are fade resistant and don't require ironing?  We have the answer with the Grey's Anatomy line of pants for healthcare workers.  Straight leg, cargo pocket or jean pocket styling (all in a sensible medium rise cut) ..... we may have you wondering "where have you been keeping these!"

We think these may well be the world's most comfortable carer's pants.

Be one of the first 5 responders to email your name and size to to receive a complimentary trial pair of your choice in charcoal, navy or light grey.  See for yourself and tell your friends!  Drop us a line if you are really moved!

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