What is Express Dispatch with The Scrub Store?

During the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for medical scrubs quickly increased on a scale we had never experienced. To make matters worse, multiple supply chains were affected in a way we never thought possible, thus the Express Dispatch collection was established.

The aim of this collection is to provide high quality, affordable, comfortable scrubs, compression socks and nursing shoes to our front line workers fast. We knew our standard processing time of 10 business days was not going to cut it so we developed a collection of stock that we would import and hold at our NSW warehouse for quick distribution. By doing this we could reduce our processing time to just 2 business days for these items.

So what is in our Express Dispatch collection you ask? It is a carefully thought-out range comprising of our top selling brands in specific colours and styles. The collection includes styles by medical scrub brands Skechers by Barco & Purple Label. Graduated compression socks by Sockwell and the ever popular ladies nursing shoe, Erath by Skechers Shoes.

The continued need for such a range has led us to permanently include the Express Dispatch collection on The Scrub Store with in stock products being dispatched within 2 business days.

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